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vicVictoria Kelley is the mother of 4 amazing kids and she is also a very strong advocate for healthy food, water, soil and children. The ASC Magazine has just entered it’s 5th year of delivering a monthly online magazine. Victoria started the trade publication to give people easy access to information they needed to grow their own food. Not everyone has time to search the internet for hours but they can read a downloadable magazine at their leisure.

The ASC magazine is combination of stories written by people who are part of University Extension programs, teachers, Ph.D, doctors, business owners, community projects and regular everyday growers. They are all teaching what they know to our readers, through the ASC trade publication.

Aquaponics is a big passion for Victoria because when she initially looked into this method of growing food, it was to help her son. Victoria and Mike saw a method of growing food their son Hunter could do, which has bought him peace (Hunter has autism). By being around water and fish, Hunter learned to care for animals and watch food grow. A connection happened and it was a big step forward for him.

Now it’s become a whole other world for the Kelley family because Mike has gone back to school to get his Degree in Aquaculture. “We know we can help other people understand more about fish health and disease, as well as helping them learn through our journey. We make little mistakes like everyone else but the whole point of learning, is to keep on going until you succeed.” – Mike and Victoria Kelley

Both Mike and I believe that growing food whether in water or soil is very therapeutic and beneficial for children who have autism and other disorders. We have seen the changes with our son and we encourage everyone to teach their children how to grow fresh healthy foods. We also believe in the benefits of aquaponics and permaculture because both methods are wonderful ways to teach kids about Ecology, Science and Biology. Nature gave us the tools to use, we just have to apply it more in our lives. We all can help our earth recover from years of toxic abuse if we work together. Our family deeply believes in all aspects of respecting the earth on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. We are not against technology but we prefer to work within the parameters of benefitting all life forms in a more harmonious way.

Why not join us and become a lifetime subscriber of the ASC Magazine? Aren’t we just on the same journey together for healthier foods and animals? What we do now matters, if we are to reduce the damage being done to our earth. We only have one planet to live on, so shouldn’t we make it a healthier place for everyone?


Hunter, Mike and Ryan At The Sand Dunes, National Park, Colorado

Ryan, Hunter And Victoria With Their Dogs Hiking In Colorado










Working With Ancient Farming Techniques

Victoria is also a great believer in ancient farming techniques because of the symbiotic relationships that were observed through natural methods of growing food. Water ditches, ponds, terraces and swales were used frequently to irrigate crops and produce more food. Natural methods such as these preserved precious water store houses and allowed the ancients to farm for longer periods of time.

Victoria believes many of the world’s drought problems now rest upon the shoulders of failed corporation farming methods. Automatic spray irrigation systems on farms is a terrible waste of water. The farmer constantly needs more water to irrigate crops, when evaporation occurs in the hot summer months. Smaller farms who practice natural farming methods use more symbiotic relationships in the soil and help to build up natural bacteria.  Farming this way requires less water to grow an abundance of healthy foods. If permaculture methods are set up properly from the beginning, there is no need for any water waste whatsoever. If humanity does not apply more natural methods of farming to our future, we may have less than 60 years left before our soil is totally destroyed.


Ancient farming techniques preserved precious water resources, while allowing for healthy plant growth. This method of farming encourages natural symbiotic relationships to occur while protecting unique microorganisms to flourish and reproduce.




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