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If you are a beginner to Aquaponics or Gardening and need some information to get you going, then this pack is for you. These guides have been completely updated and are only available when you subscribe to the ASC Magazine.

The DIY Greenhouse guide will show people how to build their own cheap greenhouse to house their aquaponics system. There are also other plans available inside the book.

For The Beginner guide has links to other downloads to help the beginner set up their own system. Learn the best and least expensive ways to set up your system.  The guide educates people on the basics, what to looks for with pH, water issues and other important issues beginners need to know.

The Window Farming Guide will teach people how to recycle and use containers as viable options for gardening on windows and small spaces. There are a couple of good downloads in the guide for people to look at for building a window system.

Seed Saving Guide will show you how to collect, dry and save seeds. This is going to become a very important thing to learn in the days ahead. Collecting heirloom and open pollinated seeds will ensure you know the family lineage of the seeds collected. No GMO in them.

Plastics Guide goes into the issue of PVC piping versus HDPE. Which one is safer and why do we need to know these things? We show you the facts, research and background manufacturing.

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