We have put together a series of extra guides and back issues of the magazines for people to purchase.

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 BACK ISSUES of the ASC Magazine for purchase



The Organic Gardening Guide  is filled with ideas and ways to help people have a better soil grown experience

We are currently updating information on these guides. We are in the process of writing a book on permaculture for the beginner.


Caring For Fish and aquarium guides. Recently updated and filled with information on how to care for your fish in aquaponics and aquariums. The Essential Fish Care Guide 2.0 can only be purchased through the ASC Magazine. 



Coming Soon For The Fish Farming Entrepreneur!

Do you want to learn how to market your aquaponics – aquaculture business? Mike has been a successful online marketer for over 15 years now and he is currently putting together a set of guides to help newbies to achieve their goals. aqua4_small



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